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I like the direction that Josepha Haden is pushing WordPress. She’s making strides to put the whole project on an even better trajectory. Toward better collaboration, better effectiveness, more inclusive. It’s not the case that I (as a random person far from the core of most of the projects) know a lot about how it feels to people more involved, but I hope and see signs that those more-involved agree.

It is because of this that I’m cheered by the idea she presents in this proposal of forming an advisory board for WordPress. I think it’s important to balance enthusiasm for a board with the idea that boards and committees are both great at doing things, and great at causing ineffectiveness. But I’m staying optimistic. Part of making sure there’s an attitude and reality of collaboration will be grounded in there being real discussions and formal cross-boundary problem-solving. And making places for that collaboration to happen is a real and important prerequisite to it happening.

If you’re at all interested in this idea, I really encourage you to chime in on the discussion on the post itself. It seems like a reasonably vigorous and quite intelligent discussion. But it’s too currently busy for your voice to register.

(Discovered via the WP Tavern write-up from Sarah Gooding, which is itself quite good.)

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