BuddyPress 5.0 to Add Category for Storing BuddyPress Blocks – WordPress Tavern

BuddyPress 5.0 will include a way for developers to organize their blocks under a BuddyPress blocks category. Mathieu Viet shared a code example on the BuddyPress Dev Updates blog, demonstrating how to set the category property of a block to BuddyPress when registering a block type. The blocks registered with this category will appear under the BuddyPress panel in the block inserter.

As the block ecosystem expands, keeping things organized inside the block inserter is becoming more important. BuddyPress having its own designated category helps user find blocks faster, especially if they don’t know the exact block name to search for, or if they are just browsing to see what blocks are available. With the BP REST API set to land in the 5.0 release, blocks will be easier for BuddyPress developers to create.

BuddyPress 5.0.0-beta1 is expected to be released around August 15. Subsequent release dates are yet to be confirmed following feedback on the beta.

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