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At the core of the role, we are looking for a hybrid Senior Full-Stack Ruby and Ruby on Rails Developer/Engineering Manager who will be responsible for co-leading a development team to create and maintain our proprietary software (our “Student Dashboard”), as well as other software that we are building in the near future for different departments. The software we are building combines the best of both worlds – technology and education – to create the most supportive online learning experience at scale. You will work closely with other developers, a designer, a Product Manager, and other team leads in various departments as the need arises (such as Admissions, Student Success, Careers Services, etc.).

As a Senior Developer, you are responsible for interpreting technical requirements, writing and maintaining effective and scalable code, maintaining code quality of others through code reviews, organizing and automating syncing of data between third-party applications, co-designing a strategic vision of how our application will be developed with data architectural decisions, writing/testing the application for performance, responsiveness and security, as well as documenting feature functionality and creating reports for internal and non-technical team members.

You will also mentor and co-manage 3-4 developers through tasks such as providing guidance when they are blocked, weekly pair-programming sessions, explanation of best practices, bi-weekly 1:1s, etc. You are responsible for the development of our junior developers to make progress each week and help them excel in their role and be on the way to become senior developers. Managing developers should take up to 30% of your time, while 70% will be spent on development tasks.

Our product is the learning experience for all our students. Some experiences we are developing include:

  • Integrating a 3rd party tool with our proprietary software to create an Absence Detection System
  • Systematically detecting collaboration and activity between coding partners during projects and pushing feedback or responses based on detected contribution levels
  • A work queue for our Technical Support Engineers to efficiently review and give feedback for every project students create
  • Integrating a 3rd party polling app into our application to be able to collect more feedback and student data at scale
  • Developing our admissions software to scale to thousands of applicants per month
  • Admin tools to more efficiently review data or re-pair coding partners to improve processes and make them more scaleable in preparation for our continued rapid growth
  • Creating and implementing plagiarism detection software

This role reports to the Program Director, and works closely to create, maintain, and prioritize the development roadmap and co-manage the development team. Your efforts will enable a thriving community of students to transform their lives, help each other and contribute to their student experience by providing foundational support and accelerating their progress-tracking and learning to become world-class developers.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain our Student Dashboard, which is the main application where a student may see their daily schedule, overall progress, and personal statistics.
  • Design and evolve our Admissions application which helps automate processes to verify and enroll applicants into the program.
  • Operate our administration system on Heroku, expand it and possibly transfer the whole system to more advanced cloud solutions.
  • Perform code reviews to ensure quality standards and best practices are used.
  • Create recurring and one-off reports when needed by various teams
  • Document How-Tos for our internal Wiki and the non-technical users of features deployed
  • Mentor, guide and manage developers by explaining the complexities of good programming habits, helping them when they get blocked, performing 1:1s, and leading them to self-development.
  • Work closely with the Product Manager to prepare and approve the scope of the work every week.

Education, Skills, and Experience

  • 5+ years of demonstrated experience in Ruby / Ruby on Rails development.
  • At least one year of experience in one of the JS frameworks. Preferably React.
  • At least 2 years of full-time remote work experience managing or leading a software development team
  • Familiarity with cloud-based solutions such as Heroku/AWS/Azure.
  • Proficiency in creating integrations with external APIs.
  • Experience writing SQL and tuning relational database queries.
  • Experience managing small software teams in fast-paced environments.

You ideally…

  • Have prior startup experience and are comfortable with fast-paced changing of priorities
  • Have an eye for design, and can make recommendations for UX/UI based on your past experiences.
  • Take ownership of your code and feel comfortable deploying, potentially breaking changes.
  • Are eager to experiment and learn.
  • Have high empathy for working with individuals from different countries and cultures.
  • Are based in Europe/Americas/Africa (for max. timezone overlap with the rest of the team).
  • Will write the word “peanuts” somewhere in your cover letter.
  • Consider yourself to be a global citizen and passionate about making opportunities more equally distributed around the world.

What we offer

  • Help change the lives of thousands of people from all around the world by helping them start international careers
  • Join and shape the direction of a rapidly growing startup backed by Y Combinator and some of the top funds in Silicon Valley
  • Become part of a company that is leading the way people collaborate and work remotely, both internally and through the training of our students and partners
  • Join the team at company retreats all around the world every year and enjoy our travel allowance to meet with team members anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited vacation, a hardware/office setup allowance, learning stipend/tuition reimbursement, and more!
  • Work alongside a fully distributed team that lives all around the world and believe in our core values:
    1. We are global citizens
    1. We are passionate about our mission
    1. We invest in people
    1. We are eager learners
    1. We are transparent
    1. We take ownership of our work
    1. We live a harmonious life

How to apply

Send us a cover letter telling us why you think you are a great fit for this position and the skills that you have according to our job posting. Include the secret word so we know you read the entire job description. 🙂

Microverse is an equal opportunity employer and acts in this capacity without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability.

NOTE: Our company has competitive and transparent salaries adjusted for cost-of-living in different geographies. Your salary will depend on experience as well as the average cost of living in your area using a custom-made salary calculator for remote-employees.

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