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Are you ready to be challenged, right from the interview process? Are you looking to work with a highly intelligent but humble team? Do you want to work on cutting-edge cyber security problems and have the background to do it? Well then, this role may be for you.

GrammaTech is looking for software engineers at varying levels of experience to perform advanced software development. Build new components and extend existing tooling to meet project needs. Implement both exploratory research prototypes and high-quality products. Significant experience contributing to large projects, developing software, with focus on C++ and Python.



A research-oriented software engineer is expected to:

  • Study and implement approaches drawn from academic literature or in-house design

  • Evaluate the resulting prototype implementation to test its value in addressing the research goals

  • Report results to the PI and respond by adapting the prototype to better address research goals

  • Contribute to presentations and written reports to keep research sponsors up to date on project progress

  • Prepare prototypes for demonstrations and evaluations by research sponsors

  • Transition prototypes into deployable products

Qualifications: Required:

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent with a minimum of 3+ years demonstrated experience working in software development in C++ and Python. Knowledge of other languages is a plus.

  • Experience in development activities on large code bases with software design, build, and test from scratch

  • Familiarity with common software architectures, design patterns, and software development life cycle practices including effectively using revision control systems (git) and container technology (docker)

  • Knowledge of security and bug finding, capability of finding problems within software code


  • MS or PhD in computer science or equivalent

  • Experience in using Machine Learning Frameworks like scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.

  • Knowledge of machine code, such as ARM, x86, or x86-64

  • Static analysis for binaries and/or source code

  • Experience with fuzzing and sandboxing

  • Compiler design, compiler front-end integration, parsers

  • Dynamic analysis, program instrumentation, and profiling

  • System-administration experience, especially related to security

  • Malware-analysis techniques

About the Company:

We have offices in Ithaca, NY and Madison, WI — but will consider remote employees when there is a strong match of skills and experience.

Innovation is at the heart of GrammaTech. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of software research and development – from software assurance and software integrity to cyber-security threat mitigation and autonomic computing.

GrammaTech was founded over 30 years ago, with a firmly-grounded purpose to help organizations develop tomorrow’s software. Given the ever-increasing dependence of software in today’s connected world, our staff is able to focus on the most challenging software issues through a constant stream of highly innovative research and commercial development programs – focused on the evolving cyber-security landscape, software hardening and intelligent systems. Within these projects, GrammaTech employees have the opportunity to work with industry, academic, and government experts, significantly advancing their skills in engineering, research, marketing, or sales.

GrammaTech, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

Members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply, please call 607-273-7340 if assistance is needed.

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