How to use Auto Robot to generate WordPress post

Looking for the best WordPress autoblogging plugins? It’s not easy to produce content on a regular basis for your blog, but with the help of WordPress autoblogging plugins like Auto Robot, you can create content from other sources and display the content on your own blog.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use Auto Robot to autopilot your blog.

Why WordPress Autoblogging with Auto Robot

It’s not an easy job to run a blog and adding new content every day. With a this WordPress autoblogging plugin Auto Robot, you can autopilot your blog and post new content on a regular basis.

This WordPress autoblogging plugin Auto Robot imports content from various source include RSS Feed, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo to your WordPress site. And with Auto Robot addon features, it can rephrase your WordPress content and ensures you have no duplicate content.

Here’s the basic tutorials that How to use this Auto Robot plugin:

1. Select your campaign source type

To get started with an Auto Robot Campaign, we’ll need to select your campaign type first, so that Auto Robot can fetch data from different sources. By Default, Auto Robot include the type of RSS Feed, Social Media, Videos and Sounds. You need to select the parent type category first, then select the specific type.

Note: You can find the create campaign button on auto robot dashboard and campaigns list page.

2. The 3rd party API Settings

To use Auto Robot fetch data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, you need to enter you API Settings

Note: You can find the API settings on the auto robot Integration page.

3. Add RSS Feed URL

To get started an Auto Robot RSS Campaign, we’ll need to set the RSS Feed URL you want to use, the url format will be like

Note: Please remember save draft or publish before you run this campaign.

4. Select Campaign Keywords

To get started an Auto Robot Campaign except RSS type, we’ll need to select the keywords you want to use, with the help of auto robot google real-time search suggestion feature, you can select the keyword from the suggestions, and these selected keywords will be used to fetch data from different social media, video steam, image or source API setting, which you set on the API Settings.

Note: Please remember save draft or publish before you run this campaign.

5. Run Campaign

When you run a campaign use this plugin, you can select get the data from a specify user or keywords as normal campaign, Here’s an example that you can get data from specify instagram user name.