Integrating a shipping API with Woocommerce/WCFM Marketplace plugin

by admin in Uncategorized on August 2, 2020


I am currently building a global marketplace website that allows users anywhere in the world to sign up as vendors and sell their items to buyers anywhere in the world. I have built this website with the WCFM plugin (this supports the multi-vendor function) and I am now looking for a plugin, API or service that can integrate with my website to calculate appropriate shipping costs for the buyer, based on the buyer’s zip code in relativity to the seller’s zip code (just like how it works on Ebay). I have discovered the Ship Engine API, perhaps this is the solution to this but I do not know how to integrate it.

This means that when a user is signing up to the website as a seller, the website would ask them to enter their zip code, then this zip code would integrate into WCFM to calculate appropriate shipping costs when the buyer enters their address at checkout.

This is the basic premise of the work that I need done for this website. If you are able to do this feel free to reach out to my email address listed.

Thank you and best

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