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by admin in Uncategorized on August 1, 2020

We have an old Drupal site which is outdated in both design and content. We want to create a new WordPress shell where we can cut and paste and then update the content. (Most of the content will be deleted so I am not looking to move it all.) The old site is relevant only for the historical view and examples of some content:

We’re looking to create:
— a landing page with a grid theme with 12 to 20 boxes of equal size, each labeled with one of the topic areas of the site. I do not want this to be automatically populated. I want to be able to upload the background image or to leave it as text-only, depending on the grid. For example, I like the visual of this grid because the boxes are the same size:

–a secondary page template that contains text, video links, and other links in sections. Something like the content on a wiki page. (We do not need to track versions or anything like that.)

–best standard plug-ins for things like SEO, security, editors.

–suitable for users who aren’t so techie

-we may expand this to include advertising later so would not want to make choices that preclude adding payment options.

We want to load the content and manage it. There may be an out-of-the-box theme that will do this or we may need some tweaks to an existing theme.

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