The Best Autoblogging Plugins for WordPress

Running a WordPress blog and keep posting fresh content regularly isn’t an easy job. But with the help of a WordPress powerful autoblogging plugin, you can find quality new content for you site on complete autopilot.

A WordPress autoblogging plugin pulls content from other various RSS feeds and publish them. Some plugins even rephrase your WordPress content and ensures you have no duplicate content. There’re many free and premium WordPress autoblogging plugins. But before you choose a plugin for your blog, keep in mind that every autoblogging plugins has it’s advantage and disadvantage.

Below, we listed some of the best autoblogging plugins available, as well as their pricing and the pros and cons of each. Please pick the best one for your business and keep growing your blog at a steady pace.

1. Auto Robot

Auto Robot is an auto blogging WordPress Plugin that make you can generate WordPress posts from as many article source, include RSS Feed, Social Media, Videos, Images, Sound and etc. This plugin comes with built in options that you can use to scrape different posts as you needed.

By using this Auto Robot plugin, you can scrape the best content from all around the web from multiple sources, and with the post template feature, you can also insert your ads code like adsense, which will make your website become a many money auto blogging website in seconds.

2.  Feedzy RSS

Feedzy RSS is another popular WordPress autoblogging plugin. It can pull content from unlimited RSS feeds source to your website. This plugin also integrates with WordAI and SpinnerCheif to rephrase the articles that you imported, so you can always add fresh content to your blog automatically.

3. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is a free WordPress autoblogging plugin. This plugin gives you the option to import, merge, and display RSS feeds from multiple resources. It also imports Atom feeds and shows them on your WordPress blog. It also has custom templates with styling options for the feeds.

4. WPeMatico

WPeMatico is an easy to use WordPress autoblogging plugin. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage content that you import from other websites. You can curate content into categories and schedule them based on your preferred interval.

5. CyberSEO

CyberSEO is an advanced WordPress autoblogging and content curation plugin. This plugin can imports RSS and Atom feeds to display articles on your blog. It also can translates content from over 100 languages using Google Translate and Yandex Translate to publish in your language.


These were some of the best WordPress autoblogging plugins. As mentioned some of these are free autoblog plugins while others are paid ones. You can select the one which suits you.