Guide on how to Customize WordPress Admin Toolbar

The WordPress Admin Bar or commonly known as WordPress Toolbar has several useful features but sometimes these features are bit annoying. However, the toolbar allows you to access specific information and site functionalities quickly. As well as one of the most important parts of WordPress Admin.

On the other hand, WordPress Admin Toolbar can be customized and hide. Below are the following guidelines on how to properly manage your WordPress Toolbar.

How to Hide the WP Admin Toolbar

Hiding WordPress Admin Toolbar can be done in two ways: By using a plugin or using your personal code. In addition, WordPress Toolbar can be disabled by clicking Your Profile located on your WordPress Dashboard.

How to Eliminate WordPress Toolbar using plugins

There are several plugins that will help you in removing WordPress Toolbar. But some developers tend to recommend the recently updated and most popular plugin known as Hide Admin Bar. Fortunately, you don’t have to configure in this plugin. It means all you have to do is mount and activate Hide Admin Bar. After which, the WordPress Admin Toolbar will instantly disappear. Is it easy right?

But if you only want to hide definite user roles, then you should use the plugin Admin Bar Disabler. This plugin will give you an interface that allows you to:

  • Whitelist definite user roles
  • Disable the WordPress Admin Toolbar for everybody
  • Blacklist definite user roles.

This interface can be accessed in Admin Bar Disables under WordPress Settings tab.

How to Hide WordPress Admin Toolbar manually using Code

Aside from using different plugins, the WordPress Admin Toolbar can be hidden manually using the function show_admin_bar().

You can use this code if you want to take away the Admin Toolbar for everyone:

add_filter (‘show_admin_bar’, ‘_return_false”);

However, using administrative privileges, you can still display the Admin Toolbar to all users by using this code:

if ( !current_user_can ( ‘manage_options’) ) {

add_filter(‘Show_admin_bar’, ‘_return_false’); }

Customizing WordPress Admin Toolbar

As what mentioned before, WordPress Admin Toolbar is very useful WordPress feature. That is why instead of removing your Admin Toolbar, why not customize it and make this feature more helpful and useful.

How to Customize and Remove the different elements of Admin Toolbar

Ultimate Tweaker is a premium plugin that makes customizations to your Admin Toolbar. But you can still accomplish something without spending money. How? By using AG Custom Plugin, it is a free plugin and somewhat similar to Ultimate Tweaker.  This plugin allows you to hide particular links, change logos, and modify simple strings.

After you mount and activate this plugin, you can already and easily make changes by browsing the Tools Tab and click Admin Bar under AG Custom Admin.


There is no doubt that WordPress Admin Toolbar is very useful even though there are several people who dislike this WordPress Feature. But for all people who likes and enjoys this feature then always remember these things:

  • You can hide the whole WordPress Admin Toolbar
  • You can remove Specific Elements from the Admin Bar
  • You can integrate your personal links in your Admin Toolbar.
Guide on how to Customize WordPress Admin Toolbar
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