How to Create Your Personal Customized WordPress Shortcode

WordPress website requires not just writing blog posts, hence, making WordPress website management uneasy.

Countless tasks that are boring and repetitive are needed in maintaining your website. Including the themes and plugins update, comment moderation, backups and security scans, database maintenance, etc.

However, the most intimidating tasks are those that appear while you are in the middle of writing a certain post. Examples of such tasks are looking for codes to insert an advertisement, icon, signup form, and some other elements available in website posts or pages.

Instead of looking for codes and typing them manually, you could use shortcodes. These shortcodes could save you a lot of time on properly managing your website.

WordPress Shortcodes

Literally, these shortcodes are a shortcut for PHP code. However, you don’t need to have a knowledge in programming to create your own shortcode. If you are already used to copying and pasting codes manually into your pages and posts, then you already have what it takes to create shortcodes.

Shortcodes are a line of codes enclosed with brackets. You insert these shortcodes in the WordPress editor when creating a post or page. WordPress then reads them and replaces it with any other codes that are linked to it.

By default, these shortcodes merely work on pages and posts. However, you can utilize it in widgets with plugins, or by inserting a line of code to the functions.php file.

Why use shortcodes?

There are actually two main benefits of shortcodes:

First, shortcodes save time. Instead of using the same code over and over, you can use a small shortcode.

Second, it looks better. With shortcodes, it is easier to edit and read your blog posts.

Shortcodes: Where to use it:

  • Adding icons that can be linked to your posts.
  • Using an email option form in the middle of a page or post
  • Displaying buttons, graphics, icons, etc.
  • Inserting advertisements at the middle of the posts.

How to create simple shortcode?

For you to create your own shortcode, you need to specify to WordPress what type of code you will use once it reads your code. To do this, you first need to back up your website and then register new shortcodes into your websites functions.php file. After creating the backup for your website, you can now proceed in making your own shortcode.

As an example, we want to create a shortcode that will show “Lorem Ipsum” whenever we input [lorem] in the editor. The first thing to do is to create a callback function which will be used to return the code. It looks like this:

function lorem_func( $atts ){
	return "Lorem Ipsum";

The next thing to do is to add the created shortcode to WordPress using a function. Function add_shortcode has two arguments: the first is the name we want this shortcode to have and the second is the function that we attach to it.

add_shortcode( 'lorem', 'lorem_func' );

Then you can use the shortcode by insert the shortcode on the page or post content


That’s the simplest way to make your own shortcode in WordPress.

Creating small shortcodes in WordPress is surely a great help in maximizing your time and effort. It is also a big help in writing blog posts efficiently because, with shortcodes, you can do anything you please.

How to Create Your Personal Customized WordPress Shortcode
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