How to Install and Manage WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite or multiple websites has become part of WordPress fundamental since WP 3.0. Basically, this allows you to build a network of websites that share similar WordPress installation. These networks can be made as a public or private network, depending upon your decision. However, in private network, only admins can make a new website.

WordPress works theoretically, using, creating an account is possible. And if you successfully created your WordPress, you can already start creating your own blog or website. On the other hand, using WordPress Multisite is a worthy idea, especially for managing separate websites. As well as managing client’s website, since it shares a similar database.

How to Install & Start WordPress Multisite

Installing WordPress Multisite is simple and easy, but you need to dig up your wp-config.php folder comfortably. In addition, several specific WordPress hosts automatic installers let you mount WordPress Multisite. If you use auto installers, installing WordPress multisite is very easy just like installing normal WordPress.

First Step: Install New WordPress Copy

Although you can start WP Multisite on a current WordPress install, it is still essential, to begin with an outright install. However, you are allowed to install WordPress using auto installers. Since having an installed WordPress is very important especially for activating WordPress Multisite.

Second Step: Activate WP Multisite in wp-config.php folder

After installing your WordPress, activate your WordPress multisite in wp-config.php folder or file. In activating, you can use FTP program like File Manager (cPanel) tool and make sure that the file is rooted on your website.

Third Step: Finish Network Setup

When you activate your WordPress Multisite successfully, you will acquire a new interface Network Setup to be exact. This interface is located on WordPress Dashboard and you can access it under Tools tab.

This interface is very simple, yet you will make an important decision on how to manage different website URLs. And you will have to choose between sub-directories and sub-domains. If you chose sub-domains you need to setup Wildcard DNS, but the process is very simple.

Fourth Step: Create new Code for .htaccess and wp-config.php files

After installing sub-domains or sub-directories, you must get two code extracts. First code must be added to wp-config.php file, while the other one is on .htaccess. These two files are placed in your website’s root folder. In order to access these files, you need to use an FTP tool.

After adding these new codes, your WordPress Multisite Network must be live and you will notice new options on your WP dashboard.

How to Manage and Add Network Sites

Managing your newly added and current network sites takes place in your Sites tab. And by clicking the Add New button, you are free to create a fresh website manually. After which, type the needed information and tap Add Site to make a fresh network site.

How to Choose Themes that are Accessible to Sub-sites 

Under Themes tab, you can delete an existing or add a new theme. In every theme, you will see two possible options, the Network Enable and Network Disable. The first option creates the theme accessible for subsites to pick. While the second options mark the inaccessible theme

Bottom Line

Once you familiarized WordPress Multisite, you will possibly say that it is not complicated. And using WordPress Multisite is absolutely superior to single WordPress website. 

How to Install and Manage WordPress Multisite
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