Front-End Developer at NFL On Location Experiences (Atlanta, GA)

Front-End Developer at NFL On Location Experiences (Atlanta, GA)

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Responsibilities in Role:

·         Will be responsible for delivering excellent browser based user experiences on multiple websites, using CSHTML templates, CSS, and JavaScript

·         Will define and maintain the standards of excellence around the delivery of front-end code and experiences

·         Will be responsible for responsive views across multiple device sizes and types

·         Will provide guidance on front end architecture during project planning sessions

·         Will ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

·         Will communicate about user experience with our Technology department as well as non-technical colleagues

·         Will troubleshoot, analyze, program, and implement modifications to existing systems

·         Will analyze, develop and test custom .Net and SQL web applications for E-Commerce applications

·         Will partner with backend developers on creating best in class UI/UX designs for web applications

·         Will develop processes around testing and debugging layout and performance issues

·         Will stay ahead of the latest UI trends and browser features applicable to our users

·         Will translate business requirements to technical requirements and functional code

Required Knowledge, Experience, and Skills:

·         Experience working within a .Net Framework required

·         Proven attention to detail and ability to accurately estimate and deliver on time results

·         Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3

·         Proficient understanding of modern browser engines and effects on DOM and rendering

·         Proficient understanding of AJAX use cases and best practices

·         Proficient understanding of HTTP and CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)

·         Proficient in JavaScript libraries and plugins such as JQuery and Modernizr

·         Proficient in understanding and debugging cross-browser compatibility issues

·         Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as BitBucket, GitHub

·         Proficient in implementation, management, and best practices of responsive design

·         Good understanding of 5, PHP, WordPress and NodeJS (AWS, NodeJS, unit testing, e-commerce experience a plus)

·         Good understanding of JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, ReactJS

·         Good understanding of JavaScript toolkits such as Gulp/Webpack and CSS pre-processors such as SASS and Stylus

·         Good understanding of edge caching technologies such as Varnish

·         Some experience with cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Azure

·         Experience with unit testing, e-commerce, and object-oriented design patterns is a plus

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