Small WordPress alterations

Small WordPress alterations

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My name is Sam and I’m a Creative agent / Producer for a creative communications agency called Pocko based in Dalston, London. We currently run our website ( on WordPress and have small changes we would like to make.

We are looking for quotes / someone to carry out the following work on our website (hosted by WordPress):

1) Under the ‘Talent’ section we have various artist portfolios, when you click on an artist’s portfolio you are taken to a page which showcases there work with the format which either there is 1 large image on a line, 2 medium images on a line or 3 small images on a row at any one time. And when you click the image it then lets you preview each image with a click through carousel. We were thinking of changing this, so that when at first glance of the artist’s portfolio you would be presented with an instagram like grid, you could then click on individual images, videos , gifs etc. that you can then click through in a carousel / exit out of easily to go back to the grid. We feel this may be best solved with the use of a Plug-in.

2) Also, under our talent section we have a header category for each discipline our artists can come under (Illustration, Motion, Photography etc.). We would like to change the ‘Design’ category to ‘Makers’ and transfer all our existing design artists to the section titled makers.

3) On the homepage when you scroll down slightly you see the ‘News’ Section with little boxes there, each showing news stories posted by us. The boxes for these stories are a little tall and we would like the bottom of the box to sit just bellow the news articles titles. Also when you click the “News’ header to go to the news section the boxes appear a little too tall here aswell. So we would like those boxes changed, along with the title for this page showing being shortened to “News” (instead of “News Archive”).

4) We also would like to allow people / visitors to the sight the opportunity to sign up to the Pocko Newsletter, so we need someone to properly link up the newsletter sign up form with the website. We have already partially set this up but need to fully link it to the website.

If you think you can help, please email us ( with a quote and a little introduction! This job may also lead to future tasks/projects/jobs for the website.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

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