WordPress – Custom work on existing site

WordPress – Custom work on existing site

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We have a large WordPress website that needs various task list items taken care of. The work would start ASAP through early August. We are only looking for United States based resources. The work requires an expertise in WordPress, PHP and JavaScript. Docker experience is a huge plus. Example of something that needs done is below.

As a first step to see if this is a good fit we are looking to get a file uploader integrated with our app that has some specific requirements. We can get more detailed later but at a high level..

We want to use Uppy as the UI and base for the user uploads.

We need to have any videos being uploaded never hit the server and be directly uploaded to YouTube via their API. There is no persistent local server storage and also we are looking to avoid a round trip to the server before the video is uploaded to youtube.

Any images would need to use the standard WP hooks to be added to the media library, we have another plugin that hooks in and sends those to s3 and re-writes the URLS.

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