How to maintain a WordPress-based site in cost-effective manner

When it comes to figuring out the benefits of WordPress, the first thing that comes to mind is that how easy it is to create a website using its interface. Whether, you wish to build an online portfolio, eStore or use WordPress for creating client sites, this platform has got your back in all the situations. However, creating and maintaining are entirely separate things. And the truth is, the real work only begins when the site is live on the World Wide Web.

In case you have a static portal, then HTML to WordPress conversion will definitely help you in making it dynamic and easy to maintain. Well, maintenance is just a simple task of keeping your web presence up and running that too in a good condition. If you will neglect some of the basic web maintenance, then you might have to face several unpleasant consequences such as:

  • Increased loading time
  • Lowered security & high vulnerabilities
  • Degraded user experience
  • Decline in search engine rankings

Apart from that, a site which is not taken care of simply becomes chaotic and harder to use for both users and owners. Therefore, regular maintenance is mandatory. In this post, you would be learning about what tasks you need to perform which will help you maintain the functioning of your WP portal.

So let’s get started.

Always Install the Latest Version of WordPress

The WordPress CMS is famous for rolling out regular updates. The reason you should always download the latest version of WordPress is because it will give you access to plenty of new features like core code upgrades, security fixes, better frontend analytics, appealing themes and much more. Failing to update is one of the most common reasons why WordPress sites get hacked.

Therefore, you should make sure that your portal is always running on the latest version of WP. It will be good if you keep yourself up-to-date regarding the latest developments that occur in WordPress development sphere. You can Google search the news related to WordPress and its components.

Don’t Forget About Plugins And Themes

It’s true, that what applies to WordPress as a whole is also for its components. Having out-of-date plugins and themes act as the prime opportunity for hackers who are trying to locate any loophole in your site. To maintain the security cover of your portal, theme developers and plugin authors also offer regular updates for their products so that they function with the lasted version of WordPress core.

Once the WordPress community rolls out an official update, your notification menu will also get flooded with upgrades of plugins, templates and themes. It’s recommended to first install the core updates and then move on to other components. This will also bring down the chances of theme or plugin conflict that might hinder the functioning your portal. So try your best to apply updates as soon as possible.

Check Your Analytics

It doesn’t matter you have a WordPress-based eCommerce website or a personal portal, it essential to check your web analytics on regular basis. Well, a weekly look at your web stats will surely tell what’s working, which content is popular among readers, how the visitors are behaving and much more. All this vital information will help you tweak your future strategy and content efforts which will bring more success to you.

Keeping a tab on analytics also assists in locating the things which are going wrong on your portal. There are some metrics that need to be reviewed daily, however, at least you should check them once in a week by keeping a birds-eye view on your site’s overall performance.

Back Up

There is a majority of WordPress users who simply ignore to take any backup of their sites. Doing regular backups are the essential part of WordPress maintenance process. If something goes horribly wrong then, having a recent backup will surely help in covering up things. No matter you have a small or a big site, making a backup is crucial. That way you will eliminate the risk of losing the latest content and comments.

You should also find a good hosting service provider that is known for making regular backups of the site. Moreover, you can also take help of free WordPress plugins such as BackUpPro, UpDraftPlus or else you can invest in premium solutions like BackupBuddy, Duplicator Pro or VaultPress which are worth every penny.

Examine Your Site’s Frontend

One thing, that you should never forget is that your website is meant for the readers, visitors, users and not for your own amusement. When you see your site often, it’s easy to become blind to things which are not working properly. Therefore, you should put yourself in someone else’s shoes every once in a while and look at your site the way visitors do. Have a look around in the private window, a different browser or use any mobile device.

Summing Up

In this post, you will come across five helpful tips that will assist you in maintaining your WordPress powered portal in an effective manner.

How to maintain a WordPress-based site in cost-effective manner
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