Why should you use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages on your Blog

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an open-source and free framework that lets you build mobile pages, which deliver content rapidly. It comprises of cache libraries, JS, and HTML. Even though they feature content like images, video files, audio, PDF’s and infographics, the mobile pages still load quickly. On the other hand, you can also make your mobile pages visually appealing by customizing your mobile pages.

Aside from speed and customization, deploying AMP on your website or blog can give several benefits. Here are the following.

5 Benefits of Using AMP on your Blog

#1. Increased Speed

Many people who are using mobile when browsing some websites or blogs constantly lose their patience. In fact, they abandoned blogs that take more time before it finally loads. However, losing viewers is the nastiest thing that might happen to several bloggers and website owners. In order to avoid this happening, you must deploy AMP on your blog.

Because AMP will improve your blog’s performance and speed. And sometimes, AMP load even faster compared to normal pages.

Aside from speeding up your mobile pages, accelerated mobile pages also remove all the unsolicited elements on your blog including elegant CSS animations and JavaScript.

#2. Improved Mobile Search Ranking

Most people use their portable devices like smartphones and mobile devices in doing a fast search. Google searches look like to derive rankings from smartphones and mobile devices. That is why improving your website ranking is extremely important, particularly when you contemplate on the newly declared “mobile first indexing.”

However, AMP is not yet a ranking feature, but it can affect the rankings incidentally, through quick loading pages. Therefore, blogs that use accelerated mobile pages have a higher to chance to rank higher, compared to unresponsive and sluggish blogs or websites.

#3. Optimistic Effect of User-Experience

Using accelerated mobile pages, the cluttered and messy versions of many websites can now have eye-catching user-interface. Because the UI offered by AMP is easy to navigate and well-arranged.

On the other hand, a blog that has user-friendly and simple user interface can reduce abandonment rate and drops bounce rates.

#4. Easy to Track

Similar to several businesses, blogs also need to track its conversions, clicks, and visitors. However, analyzing your visitor’s behavior is very important in order to make upgrades and adjustments that can ultimately increase your user engagement and traffic. 

#5. Advertisement support for Improved Profits

Most bloggers might be reliant on advertisement revenues, in order to convert their website’s traffic into cash. Actually, AMP is a great help especially if you want to increase your blog’s traffic, but some bloggers are still hesitant to use AMP because their ad profits might get small.

Fortunately, they don’t have to worry, because Google AMP provides effective funding for monetization. The ad abilities of an accelerated mobile pages site are similar to a tradition user-friendly website.


Google accelerated mobile pages is extremely rising, with several numbers of additions increasing every day. As well as becoming a compulsory component of SEO and blogging. And because of the several benefits mentioned above, it does not seem surprising.

Why should you use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages on your Blog
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