3 Ann Arbor schools closed due to rising flu, COVID-19 & RSV cases – WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit

A major health alert is going off across Michigan right now due to surging flu cases.
For weeks, Michigan has appeared to lag behind in cases compared to other states, but that could change.
Check out the CDC flu map below:
The flu is just one of many viruses slamming the state. COVID-19 cases are ticking back up and RSV is still causing problems as well.
The illnesses are forcing more schools to close today. Ann Arbor Public Schools has three buildings closed today due to an overwhelming number of sick staff members.
Experts are calling this the winter virus surge. Basically, it’s the perfect storm with many kids and adults getting sick right in the middle of the holiday season.
According to the federal government, COVID-19 cases are rising in at least 90% of the country.
Dr. Matthew Simms with Corewell Health East, formerly known as Beaumont, explains what he’s starting to see across the hospital system.
“RSV is finally starting to trend down but flu has been coming up,” he said.
In the last week of November, the hospital system had 344 cases of the flu, but that number spiked to more than 750 in the second week of December. He said half the cases are adult and the other half are pediatric. 10% of people are being admitted to the hospital.
He said COVID-19 has remained steady with 200-300 cases per week.
“We’re handling it but it is making the emergency rooms busy. We tend to be operating at near or at capacity,” he said.
Sims said if you’re sick, stay home, wash your hands and take other preventative measures to help curb the spread.
If hospitals are too busy and your symptoms are not severe, go to urgent care to be seen to help alleviate the stress on ER departments.