30 Fashion Items Too Good to Pass Up – Who What Wear

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.
Confession time: As someone who shops all day for a living, I don't do a whole lot of purchasing for myself. It's a constant battle between my head (reminding myself that I have limited closet space) and my heart (my constant desire for new, pretty things). More often than not, my rational side wins out, but not this time. Lately, everything I've seen from my favorite brands (e.g., Reformation and Mango) is majorly tugging on my heartstrings. I've been in somewhat of a style rut, and these new-season coats, dresses, and accessories are inspiring all the 2023 outfits I want to wear. From casual overalls and Spezial sneakers to satin dresses and slingbacks, these are the 30 items coming with me into the new year.
Justifying this purchase by calling it a two-for-one: a dress and an oversize shirt. 
The coolest boots to wear right now have a kitten heel and pointed toe. 
My most worn winter layer deserves a refresh. 
Soft as butter. 
I'm starting a petition to bring overalls back. 
These sneakers have already been purchased and are en route to my feet. 
I've been thinking about this bag since August. It's so simple but so chic. 
Just wait until you see the back of this dress. 
This '90s style is the most popular shoe among WWW editors. 
I will always be on Team Cat Eye. This style is so timeless. 
This looks way more expensive than $379. 
I want to wear this on every night out. 
A moment of admiration for this brown top-handle bag. 
My favorite iteration of a cable-knit. 
Donni is the gold standard of cozy essentials. This scarf is a must-have for me this season. 
A polo collar adds a little something extra to an otherwise basic top. 
My 2023 fashion goal is to polish up my everyday looks, starting with these sweater-pants that are replacing my old sweats. 
My toxic trait is purchasing every new style that New Balance releases. 
I love an oversize blazer as much as the next editor, but pinch-waist iterations have been holding my attention. 
The '90s 501s were my most worn jeans in 2022. For the new year, I'm stocking up on every wash. 
Waistcoats are a closet mainstay for me now. 
This espresso color is stunning. 
It's a need, not a want. 
I clearly have a thing for off-the-shoulder apparel right now. 
My boss wore this sweater on a gloomy day, and it brought immediate sunshine. 
The Amber bag has been around the block, but I've never seen this color before. I think I'm in love.
I'm in desperate need of tops to wear to the office, so this was an immediate yes. 
Unfortunately, it's time to layer, but this catsuit is helping me feel better about it. 
I'm a sucker for pink stripes. 
This aviator-style jacket is giving my black puffer a run for its money. 
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