COVID-19, flu causing challenges for local hospitals – WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – RSV, the flu, and COVID-19 have created what health officials are calling a “Tripledemic,” and it is causing different challenges in different hospital settings.
Dr. Don Williamson is the President of the Alabama Hospital Association. He said while we are seeing an early flu season, the state is not seeing a post-Thanksgiving surge in flu hospitalization. However, that is not the case for COVID-19.
Right now there are upwards of 250 people in the hospital with COVID. Those numbers, plus flu hospitalizations, mean nearly 500 people in the state are currently hospitalized with a respiratory illness. The combined number of illnesses is not overwhelming hospitals, but has put a strain on them.
“That by itself is not overwhelming hospitals. We still have available ICU beds. In some parts of the state, less than we might like, but nobody is out,” said Dr. Williamson.
Staffing shortages have also added a challenge for hospitals.
Willamson said even though we have seen an early flu season, that does not mean it will end early.
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