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Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes has maintained her fame through a few eras of red carpet fashion, but she still knows how to rock an early aughts look like nobody else. Her outfit at this Friday night’s Jingle Ball went viral for being so bad it’s good. Or for giving everyone flashbacks to 2003.
Looking casually gorgeous with natural makeup and beachy waves in her honey-brown hair, the actress arrived at Madison Square Garden wearing a strapless, dark blue mini dress with a structured bust in an abstract bow shape.
That in itself isn’t too out-of-place, but her decision to wear the top over frayed jeans and a pair of black New Balance sneakers pushed the Internet into madness. Y2K fashion has been making a comeback for some time, but apparently people weren’t yet ready for the return of this combo.
I actually don’t have a witty tweet for this, I’m just very disturbed. Like this CAN’T BE the Katie Holmes who was serving in a knit Khaite sweater and bralette just two summers ago… pic.twitter.com/LT9uhbMHwz
this is what true y2k is but y’all aren’t ready for that conversation https://t.co/EBN6hv9ESr
All morning I’ve been wondering why people are dunking on a photo of Katie Holmes from 1999 but apparently that’s not what this is????? https://t.co/wKMSpK71K5
katie holmes singlehandedly trying to bring back the mid2000s disney red carpet aesthetic, and good on her. good on her. https://t.co/4OXdkpcozl
If Bella Hadid wore this you guys would be singing a different tune I’ll tell you that much https://t.co/ETlEsgC6f7
Please for the love of goddess keep this era of fashion in the archives. Love Katie Holmes… but I detest this cursed red carpet era. idc idc idc https://t.co/3GTp4mB345
this trend reared its ugly head years ago and honestly how dare Katie Holmes have the audacity to try to bring it back pic.twitter.com/oVZ43ZxFsO
I unfortunately cannot comment on the Katie Holmes dress top + jeans combo because I too lived through the early 00’s and made decisions I regret
Katie Holmes woke up & decided it was 2002 pic.twitter.com/0yDOyuLL6Z
me defending Katie Holmes dressing like 2002 in 2022 like my life depended on it https://t.co/rkThnNW06g pic.twitter.com/5CgX25pqTK
Kim thinking she should pull out this look again now that Katie Holmes brought back the real Y2K fashion to red carpet pic.twitter.com/ICD8hIfQvJ
I’m sorry gen z can’t want to bring back Y2K fashion and then make fun of katie holmes wearing a dress and jeans!
Hilariously, a lot of people thought the photo was from the late 90s or early 2000s. Holmes must have an excellent skin care routine, because many fans who saw this photo were seeing her as a teenager. Holmes is currently known for her chic and simple outfits, so she was clearly enjoying a night of nostalgia.
Or maybe her choices are gradually regressing through time. Holmes was seen in April at the NYC premiere of her movie As They Made Us wearing the classic skinny scarf Y2K accessory with a pair of boot cut jeans and square-toed slip on shoes. Her button-down shirt was tucked half in and hung half out of her jeans.
Earlier that same month, she was spotted in enormous JNCO-style jeans while out on a stroll in New York, paired with a seriously high-cropped sweater over a white t-shirt. She accessorized with a red leather Chloé crossbody bag. Holmes may be exactly the fashion inspo that the younger generations need right now.
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