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Kendra Mazeke, Digital Content Producer
Kendra Mazeke, Digital Content Producer
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – National Women Supporting Women Day was Dec. 1, and two Jacksonville women have represented that day in full this month.
Tia Coleman and Nicole Banks describe their relationship as one that resembles the closeness of a niece and an aunt. The ladies met around six years ago on social media and since then a budding sisterhood blossomed.
“I absolutely fell in love with her and we could really write a book about how our relationship started,” Banks said.
Although both women are business owners and come from different entrepreneurial backgrounds, they have managed to leave a significant imprint on the Jacksonville community.
Coleman, who is known as an influential millennial figure in the River City, is the founder of I Am The Prize, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help young girls and women develop high self-esteem and the leadership qualities necessary to thrive as an entrepreneur. She also launched a successful networking and women empowerment event called Manifesting Over Mimosas in December 2019.
Banks, who coined herself as the “Internet’s Favorite Rich Auntie,” is a fashion maven and the Chief Pretty Chick in Charge at Shop Pretty Pieces, an online boutique.
Among the many qualities the ladies share… fashion is where business meets pleasure.
Shop Pretty Pieces boutique collaborated with Coleman to launch the “I Am A Prize” collection on Monday, Dec. 19.
“I think it’s important to see this kind of collaboration amongst both of us because I feel like we are two very influential women in the Jacksonville business world. I feel like my brand aligns with her brand because it’s all about embodying high self-esteem and confidence. Our partnership with me speaking to so many women about believing in themselves and having the confidence to show up as your true self and her with the fashions to embody that ‘I am the prize’ look, image, feel, lifestyle… it just makes sense.”
Fashion is a statement that both ladies agreed speaks volumes about motivation and empowerment.
The three-piece collection is a mix of glam, chic, and business all in one. Each piece flaunts its own individuality and was selected with the thought of influencing women through fashion.
“There are three amazing choices and they all embody: I am here. I am walking in this room, and I am absolutely the prize,” Banks said.
When Coleman was working with Banks to curate the collection, she wanted to ensure every purchaser felt like they were the star of the show when they donned her outfits.
“I like to show up in spaces giving 100% of my authentic self and I like to express that through how I dress. For me, being memorable is the most important thing when I step into a room, and I speak that through my fashion and what I decided to wear,” Coleman said.
Despite their 20-year gap in age, Banks said she has learned a lot — especially about networking — from Coleman through the years and continues to be inspired by her tenacity.
“I’m actually Jacksonville’s best keep secret. I do a ton of e-commerce. I know how to move around in the e-commerce space very well. I have to learn from my niece how to network. I’ve been in business for eight and a half years and being a Black woman in Jacksonville, being in business is absolutely one of those autonomous things. She forces me, even if she doesn’t know it, to think bigger. I’m one of those individuals who can put limits on myself, but she forced me out of a comfort zone that I had not stepped out of in many years. So, there are things that are manifesting for myself just being around [her] energy.”
Coleman, too, expressed deep appreciation for the knowledge and companionship she has gained through her relationship with Banks.
“I feel like we can bridge that gap between the women who are super established and the women who are trying to find their way,” Coleman said.
The third annual Manifesting Over Mimosas event starts at 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 18 at the Prime Osborn Center. Coleman said when she launched the inaugural event back in 2019, she was also quietly battling postpartum depression. At that time, she knew she needed to do something that was going to make her feel like herself again.
“I knew when it came to doing business and networking, that’s my happy place. 2019 was a defining moment for me because I felt like I was becoming my own woman. I wasn’t waiting on anybody’s approval. I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to do it.’ And when I [launched] it was supposed to start off with 30 people in a small room, and it turned into 150 people packing out the back room of a building,” Coleman said.
Manifesting Over Mimosas is a celebration of success for entrepreneurs. It’s an opportunity for women to gather together in the name of sisterhood, networking, learning, and developing so that they are well-equipped to generate successful businesses.
The event includes seven speakers, opportunities to patronize local vendors and of course, mimosas are on the menu.
“I know there’s someone’s breakthrough tied to somebody in that room. I remember when I saw the lineup, there are two speakers who I want as my mentor. I’m looking forward to seeing a group of beautiful brown girls fellowship at the Prime Osborn,” Banks said.
Coleman said every event builds on the previous year and this year Coleman was “intentional” with selecting the speakers who would pour knowledge into the audience. She knew the foundation for strong businesses was established during the first event in 2019. Now, Coleman said, it’s time to dig deeper and become grounded in those businesses.
“I believe that access is so important for women of color and for women in business, especially first-generation business owners. This year we have a trademark attorney. 2019 set the tone for getting the business started but now we need to protect our brands. We need to protect our assets,” Coleman said. “So when [attendees] come in the room, I’m going to make them think big. There’s no reason that you should be in business or be an aspiring business owner and miss out on this event because I don’t see anywhere else you will probably get this information face-to-face, hands-on.”
What Coleman is most excited about for this year’s conference is seeing the support from the city of Jacksonville. On Dec. 1, she was honored by Mayor Lenny Curry with a proclamation officially recognizing Dec. 18 as “Manifesting Over Mimosas Day” in Jacksonville.
“Across the board, people are really buying into the vision and I appreciate it so much because I literally started in a barbershop. That was the first venue I tried to book and now we’re at the Prime Osborn,” Coleman said.
Coleman acknowledged that the proclamation was an opportunity that she could have pursued sooner but found that it happened at the perfect time, saying, “I am a firm believer in divine timing.” She also said she underestimated the support and tremendous response she would receive from sharing the news.
“At first, I didn’t even think it was a big deal, but then when social media blew it up, I was like, this representation matters because now I’m inspiring someone to go out and get their own day,” Coleman said.
Overall, Coleman is excited about her event and collab with Banks, which drops a day after the Manifesting Over Mimosas event.
The collection will release on or on the Shop Pretty Pieces mobile app on Dec. 19 at 10 a.m. You can also visit the website to sign up for early access.
To purchase tickets to Manifesting Over Mimosas, visit
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