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A little sparkle goes a long way. In collaboration with Marli.
For digital creative Lily Montasser, winter is an opportunity to allow outerwear and accessories to shine. In fact, a statement coat paired with the right jewelry can transform your most casual ensemble into a full-blown, statement making look. Armed with the latest fine jewelry offerings from Marli New York, Montasser styled three cold-weather outfit formulas that prove you don’t have to sacrifice personal style in the winter—especially with the help of a little sparkle.
“This is an elevated everyday look for when you want to run errands but you still want to look sophisticated. This is a prime example of how, sometimes in winter, your accessories and coat can make an outfit. I could be wearing pajamas under that trench and you would have no idea because the trench is cute and the jewelry pulls it all together. Honestly, sometimes when I leave my house, I put on a cool jacket, some jewelry, and sunglasses, and I’m wearing my sweats underneath. I’m a big jewelry wearer. I wear pieces like this every single day with everything because I’m also a minimalist. When you have minimal clothing, it’s nice to layer on a bunch of pieces and mix metals just to add something to a more monochrome look.”
“When you’re thinking about jewelry, what do you typically reach for?”
“I love the gemstone options and layering them, these items would even be so cute with just a white tank top because they add so much. I’m a fan of anything that will add texture to an outfit. Also, You can shower in these pieces and sleep in them, and that’s how I like to wear my jewelry—just all day long.”
“This outfit utilizes layering, which you have more of an opportunity to do in the colder months. I love layering different styles—so it’s like a preppy cardigan and collared shirt but then you have a leather jacket, chunky boots, and a mini skirt. You get to play with all of these different personalities and put them into one look.
“The jewelry here is just layering everyday pieces to make the outfit a little bit more feminine and to add some detail and different textures. I always think the more the merrier when it comes to everyday jewelry. So I love mixing gemstones, mixing silver, gold, and rose gold, and layering on rings, necklaces, and bracelets. I think it’s really cool to break the rules of fashion; that’s what it’s all about.”
“This is an example of how a statement piece can really dress up a look, especially in winter while going out. This outfit is my go-to when I have a date or dinner and I don’t know what to wear. I always do an oversized blazer, tight black pants, and heels. Different jewelry really changes the look. It’s a great holiday look, while still being a bit edgy and not too on the nose with styling.”
Do you find you accessorize differently in the winter versus the warmer months?
“It’s hard to look dressed up in winter when you’re going out at night because you still have to wear a long sleeve or pants—it’s not a little flirty dress. So even if you’re wearing sleeves or a blazer, I like to have a statement necklace or statement earrings to add a bit of femininity to the outfit.”
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