JD Institute of Fashion Technology Presents Its Annual Design Awards 2022 – North East Business Mirror – North East Business Mirror

The time for the most awaited event for JD Institute of Fashion Technology students had finally ‘arrived’. We were looking forward to this day of excellence which unveils the platform that allows the students to exhibit their creativity through installations, collections and exhibition. The curtain raiser for the JD Annual Design Awards was held on December 9th and the fashion show and exhibition on December 10th, 2022 at ITA Machkhowa. Innovation and design had undoubtedly come to life at this event thanks to the work of the Institute’s aspiring designers.
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Guwahati, Assam, has completed 18 glorious years in the industry and is one of the top design institutes in India. Additionally, it was the first platform of its kind in Guwahati. The Guwahati Institute, which was founded in 2005, is still a pioneer in the Art and Design industry. The Institution was established in 1988 by Mr. Chandrakant Dalal (President) and Mr. R.C. Dalal (Managing Director and Co-founder of the Indian Film Festival worldwide), which continues to serve as a platform to ignite student’s true potential and intelligence, whether it is already known to them or is just waiting to be discovered. They transform into the most secure, adaptable and best versions of themselves and bravely enter the constantly- evolving world of design.
Mrs. Rupal Dalal, Executive Director and Mr. Harsh Dalal, Director of JD Institute attended the event and judged the fashion show and interior exhibition. Eminent personalities such as Mrs. Garima Saikia Garg, renowned designer of Assamese film and Mobile theatre and owner of ‘Garima’s Hues’ and Ar. Ritul Sharma, Architect and owner of ‘Akriti’ were among the jury along with the Directors of the Guwahati institute. The top minds in fashion and interior design came together for the Annual Design Awards to motivate the students to present their best work.
The theme for the JD Annual Design Awards, 2022 was ‘Arrival’ that made us reconsider the legacy we leave behind and how we arrive at absolution.
Various innovative, futuristic and sustainable products were on display at the Interior exhibition. Among the many exhibits were products such as crockery made of walnut shell powder and wallpaper made of waste paper. Many space- saving and multi-functional furniture was also on display showcasing the constantly evolving trends in Interior design. The creativity and environment consciousness of the youth is worth appreciating.
The fashion show showcased some splendid garments using eco-friendly atypical fabrics like eucalyptus, corn and many more. Usage of natural dyeing enhanced the sustainability of these garments. Noteworthy among these collections was one designed for specially-abled people using natural indigo dye that has a calming effect on the mind. Each collection was astute and divulged the environment- friendliness of these young minds.
Students with exceptional work won awards like Best design, Most Innovative, Most Commercially Viable and Best Research keeping in mind the future possibilities to counteract and solve potential threats of the unknown.
The JD Annual Awards’ very objective was highlighted by JD Guwahati’s director, Ms. Sumita Dey Deka, who stated that the event’s mission is to advance the students in the professional fields of interior and fashion design. Mrs. Rupal Dalal, the Executive Director, commended the students’ efforts in fusing the creative realms of design with social causes, to paraphrase campus directors. Mrs. Ushmita Dey Hazarika continued the discussion by educating us on the labour- intensive nature of each of these collections. With this, the much awaited event marked the advent of the creative career for the students of this esteemed institute.
Chaos being the theme for 2021, taught Jediiians that chaos is the foundation of any invention. The last 2 years taught us that there is still a lot to learn from nature and to accept that our understanding of it is still very limited. This year’s theme ‘Arrival’ made us reconsider the legacy we leave behind and how we arrive at absolution.