Local twin sister fashion experts give style tips for the holidays – FOX 17 West Michigan News

GRAND RAPIDS — The holidays and New Year’s typically come with many outings or parties and you might feel the stress of not knowing what to wear. Two local experts help us out! Meet Sarah and Leah or better known as Two Scoops of Style on social media platforms as they are local influencers helping us dress for success.
Two Scoops of Style started as identical twin sisters Leah and Sarah moved away from each other for the first time years ago.
“We need a project that is going to make us kind of talk every day and have some sort of creative outlet together,” said Leah Brzyski, Two Scoops of Style co-founder.
Leah moving to Connecticut and Sarah still in Grand Rapids 4 years later 2 Scoops of Style has over 150 thousand followers on Instagram and a few viral Tik Toks helping us make our closets new again and stay on trend.
“We’ve wanted to help educate our followers and also sort of encourage them to live their vibrant styles and that fashion is a way to sort of have a creative outlet and show who you are,” said Brzyski.
With more and more holiday parties coming up its hard to find that statement outfit but two scoops of style says its easy…
“A really good place to start is with some solids that you can mix and match all year round. And you don’t feel like you can only wear it for a month out of the year and then it’s tucked into your closet,” said Sarah Allmon, Two Scoops of Style co-founder.
They say add in some festive accessories with pops of color, bows, pearls and velvet or some of the trendy pieces this season leaning into the popular boxy tailored look.
“A blazer oh, white button down a pair of loafers and maybe a pair of mom jeans that you feel really good in,” said Allmon.
No matter the occasion Two Scoops of Style says fashion is about how you wear it. If you feel confident you will look your best! Leah and Sarah both say you don’t need to break the bank to achieve these trendy looks as you should invest in a few staple pieces instead of several looks and thrifting is a great option too. Follow Two Scoops of Style on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook plus their website too.