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Mercedes is continuing to launch fashion-oriented limited editions of its flagship Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. This time, it’s not associated with any particular designer, like the Virgil Abloh model from earlier this year. But this Haute Voiture model makes the fashion connection by getting its very own line of luxury handbags that will be offered for sale.
The car itself is a Mercedes-Maybach S 680, which comes with a 621-horsepower twin-turbo V12 and all-wheel drive. It’s finished in a two-tone color scheme with a dark blue on top with rose gold sides. The wheels are painted to match the blue top. The car’s unique production number, key ring and a scale model of it will be presented to each customer in a gift box along with a custom car cover.
The interior is the highlight, and it continues the blue and rose gold theme with the colors added to hard dash panels. Seats are finished in white leather. Most unique are the bouclĂ© fabric accents on the door panels and in some areas on the seats that have a blend of dark blue, beige, gold and rose gold colors to tie the vehicle together. Mercedes also customized the infotainment system so users can have fashionable avatars to mark their profiles, and there are animations scattered throughout such as glitter clouds to evoke fashion shows. 
Only 150 of these S-Class models will be offered for sale. Mercedes didn’t give a price for them. The line of handbags will go on sale in early 2023 through the Maybach Icons of Luxury online and retail stores. They’re made to match the cars, so buyers of the cars looking to complete the look may want to check them out.
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