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New Delhi: If you haven’t heard of this colour, it’s quite intentional – Viva Magenta, named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2023. It is a reddish hue that has its roots in nature and is symbolic of a fresh show of power.
Viva Magenta is a bold, brazen colour whose exuberance encourages a joyful, upbeat celebration and creates a fresh narrative.
All of these together make Viva Magenta an intriguing shade that has been successfully tickling every fashionista’s curiosity to the max. Anand Singh, Fashion Design Manager, DaMENSCH unravels the why behind Viva Magenta for this year and says “Unconventional colour in unconventional times, a symbolic of much-needed strength and power, a colour that induces indulgence and passion when you look at it, a colour which reminds you of the time when you were hurt or you were in love. A derivative of crimson red, this colour has evolved through times which we have seen recently, there was a lot of turmoil in emotions through the pandemic and the war. Now the colour of the year is just not decided or voted but this is more of an evolutionary process that supports what was and what’s going to be.”
Well, if you love the colour as well as we do, Anand shares his expert tips on how men can style this hot hue!
This colour has a very strong individual essence, the trend is simple, and anything solid looks niche and premium. To ace this colour with a suit is where we can imagine nice viscose or a silk blend. There’s a rare chance of going wrong with a cheque pattern where old-fashioned windowpane. Checks fashioned with a base or highlight of this colour, probably with a darker tonal magenta (fashion) to a Navy (conversational), or you can go all out with a Ranbir Singh look.
Now if you recall retro influences, nothing can beat a nice cut n sew detail in a street/sport setting. This is a colour you can almost pair with anything in a colour block, blues, whites, blacks, use it in majors, and use it in accents as it looks fresh everywhere.
Viva Magenta is all set to rule the men’s top-wear market. Shirts {not solids} structured tees, slightly darker hues in jackets, accents in sweaters, colour blocks, stripes, etc are what will be the talk of the town. Washed look of this colour in coloured denim can also be imagined to be a street-style winner. Men’s polos can be a big market, accents in any category, a devil in the details look of this colour lined inside a jacket won’t surprise me, also these winter varsity jackets are big there this colour can be a big hit.
This market will again make a very big bet on this colour, from men’s caps to sunglasses; this colour can make fits stand out. This can become a very nice accent to pop us the whole style. Goes without saying, with so much being done in men’s sneakers, this colour is definitely going to kick in!
But do we see Viva Magenta revamp the ramps? Anand forecasts, “Menswear has loved darker tones of red to cascade power, if you roam around the market now you would find it as a strong accent colour already, hence an evolutionary colour which falls bang on to the taste buds of designers. This colour marries multiple categories like tees, polos, jackets, sweaters, socks, etc., and especially in a market like India where saturated tones are accepted.”
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