Committee passes bill that would prevent vaccine requirement for Ky. students – WKYT

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – Kentucky lawmakers have advanced a bill dealing with COVID-19 vaccine requirements for school children.
If made law, House Bill 101 would prevent the Kentucky Department of Education from requiring students to get a COVID-19 shot.
Rep. Shawn McPherson, R-Scottsville, one of the bill’s sponsors, says HB 101 makes it clear that “no person, entity, or government body can require that a child receives a COVID-19 shot.
Rep. McPherson says parents, guardians or others in charge of the care of the child can have them get the shots if they choose.
The push for the legislation comes from the concern that the Kentucky Department of Education could take action after lawmakers leave session.
“What my fear is, if we don’t decide the parent or the guardian is the one responsible for these children, to receive, the Kentucky Department of Education could recommend based on CDC recommendations before kids go back to school this fall, they have to have a COVID shot,” said Rep. McPherson.
The bill amends an existing state law dealing with various school standards and curricula, along with sanitary and protective construction of school facilities.
“And I think in our public settings we have a social responsibility to vaccinate against diseases, viruses, said Rep. Rachel Roarx, D-Louisville. “That is why I’ll be voting no today.”
The bill was passed by the committee by a vote of 14-3. It now goes to the full House floor.
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