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The United Kingdom is the top tourist destination everyone wants to visit at least once in their life, whether you are visiting the green planes of Ireland, enjoying the famous Scottish culture, watching your share of rugby games in Wales or just mingling around London, it is the country to be if you are yearning for some new experiences and a different breath of Europe.
While it is a very safe country, it should be noted that it is filled with tourists, and as such it is a great place for pickpockets and scam artists to circulate, so this is an issue in popular cities and landmarks.
Apart from that, the United Kingdom is ranked 33rd on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries in the world.
The United Kingdom is considered a very safe country. Even though there are parts that are dangerous and should be avoided, it is, for the most part, completely safe to travel to, and if you use your common sense, your trip should go smoothly.
Taxis and other forms of transportation are known to be very safe and reliable in the United Kingdom, as would be expected in such a developed European country.
Pickpocketing is the most common form of street crime in the United Kingdom. It is common to a certain degree and there are even some locations known for pickpocketing being reported there mainly popular landmarks. Take basic precaution measures and minimize your chances of being pickpocketed.
You can relax when it comes to natural disasters, because, apart from constant raining, there are no threats!
When it comes to mugging and kidnapping, the United Kingdom is relatively safe. However, you should be careful and avoid dangerous areas where you could get attacked.
The United Kingdom has recently been targeted by a terrorist attack and it is now publicly announced that the threat to the UK is present.
Since it is so filled with tourists, it only makes sense that there will always be people trying to scam them. Always be cautious with people trying to distract you, help you with your luggage, or groups of people acting strange. Always check your change twice and negotiate everything in advance.
The United Kingdom is mostly very safe for women to travel to. Just follow your basic common sense and general rules of things to avoid, and you should be fine.
The United Kingdom, like other popular European countries, is very safe.
Violent crime is rare and there is a very low probability that, as a tourist, you will experience anything more than petty crime.
However, some British cities and towns can be dangerous in some areas at night as you can run into groups of drunken people acting strange.
Crime rates in such areas are broadly in line with the European average (though there are significant variations between different parts of the UK).
You should avoid wearing football shirts or showing any kind of support for any football team because such shows of support might end violently since some rivalries are taken very seriously in the UK.
The biggest nuisance for tourists has to be the risk of pickpockets, so you should be very careful when visiting important city landmarks and tourist areas, or crowded places such as airports, train or bus stations, and public transportation.
Do not leave your valuables in plain sight or at a visible place in a locked car, and always lock the car when exiting the vehicle.
Pickpockets, as well as beggars often work in teams.
Another thing to watch out for is crossing the roads since every year tourists suffer from traffic accidents because the British people drive on the left side of the road which is highly confusing for people from around the world.
These are some of the risks tourists might encounter, but apart from petty crime and football rivalry, there are no reasons to be worried – just use your common sense and things will go smoothly.
The United Kingdom is very unsafe, terrorists are lurking around every corner. Even chemical and acid attacks happen in broad daylight.
Well you’ve obviously never visited, what a ridiculous comment. I have lived here my whole life ( 50 years) and have never witnessed an act of violence or terrorism.
I’ve lived here my whole life and there have been acts of violence, particularly in London where knife crime is on the rise. There have also been terrorist attacks (e.g. 7/7, Manchester arena bombing, Westminster). Manchester is going through a similar thing to London over the last year as well.
You probably live in a rural area where everyone plays nice and is blissfully unaware of what’s really going on in the UK. Turn on the news sometime and see it for yourself, Andy. Or maybe spend some time in London, Manchester or other big cities.
The UK is not as safe as it used to be and I have no doubt things will get worse come B****t.
I live in central London. It is extremely safe. Knife crime in the cities is for the most part gang related so, unless you’re a gang member, no problem.
Used to adore London. Multicultural nonsense has destroyed one of the greatest cities of all time.
Lots of criminals have come to the UK particularly from Albania and Romania. Every town has new Turkish Barbers that are used for money laundering and drug sales. London is a hellhole destroyed by diversity and virtue signalling
Completely agree with you there also it’s says women risk low yet we are told by our own government to avoid going out alone at night …..
Lol Noob I got shot 69 times in my right nut and still lived to tell the tale, saying that it is safe is ignorant and harmful twords tourists.
I wanna visit but now I’m scared🙁
its a good place if ur just a tourist bc you’ll see the good stuff. Just be smart snd you’ll be fine 🙂
I saw your reply to another post & was wanting to get your opinion on traveling. We are planning our first trip there. Should we use a travel agency where everything is planned out or just go and do things we for sure want to do? We want to hit the high points, so we keep going back and forth on what to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you, Sandy
This comment does not reference any data or evidence and is not my experience as someone who has worked regularly in London for over 15 years.
bruh i live here and it’s mostly finejust don’t go to south london
you’ve obviously not gone to the UK and that’s a fact
the UK is one of the most safest places in the world, even safer then America since drunken idiots aren’t allowed to have guns in the UK
its more of a four star because of pickpocketing and petty crimes like that!
so be less annoyed with life and stop being so angry mister!
That’s very exaggerated, there is terrorism, and there has been acid attacks but it’s not like your gonna step out of Heathrow and get blown up. Overall there is a very low risk of crime and danger. Also some of these reviews are hilarious “Stabbings everyday”,”is this written by an english racist”
There really are stabbings every day in London. Have you been living in a cave or what???
Rubbish. Been there lots of times. Sometimes for long periods. Never seen or heard of a crime against a tourist.
I’m interested to see how Sandy would rate the Congo
Obviously that’s not the case. I’m 49 and I’ve never had a serious problem. I’m male which increases my safety, somewhat and I get a female perspective may be different- but terrorists around every corner? Please! Acid attacks have happened, but the risk is literally millions to one and they are usually targeted; your odds of being caught in an acid attack as a tourist is virtually zero
It’s true that knife crime is in the headlines but it is in large part centred on kids involved in crime and you are unlikely to have a problem if you’re not buying drugs. As for pickpockets the big cities are the same as almost any big city, use your common sense and you’re unlikely to have a problem (I have travelled the world and never had my pocket picked anywhere). The UK is obviously a big target for terrorists but after decades dealing with the IRA we’re as good as anyone in dealing with the problem and hence the attacks are rare but get lots of publicity; you’ll need to be very very unlucky to see anything. The atmosphere isn’t great in 2019 because BREXIT has divided the country and caused ill feeling towards foreigners from one faction but that will pass when the debacle moves to the next phase in 2020. Go to the smaller cities and villages and you are almost certain to have a very safe and enjoyable visit.
Just avoid anywhere with a high number of immigrants.
That’s a bit unfair and too much of a broad brush.
Neighbourhoods with high numbers of Eastern European, Indian or Chinese migrants are likely to be completely safe.
There are of course problematic communities in the UK, and naive tourists would be well advised to avoid many of the lsIamic neighbourhoods (or at least keep their head down and don’t visit unnecessarily), but the presence of immigrants per se shouldn’t put off tourists. It depends on which ones.
This is incorrect. I live in the UK and have never been pick pocketed or mugged or attacked by angry terrorists.
I feel you would be safer to travel to the Yemen than go to Glasgow.
LOL. I doubt so.
That statement about football shirts is complete and utter nonsense. Football hooliganism disappeared in the 80s and 90s. If someone wearing a football shirt got beaten up its because he was drunk and being obnoxious to the wrong people. As with anywhere in the world, if you say and do things that will annoy the wrong person then of course it could end badly.
Knife crime is only an issue if you’re in a gang and hanging around on a high rise estate at night. I’ve never ever heard of a tourist minding their own business and being stabbed other than in events of terrorism, e.g the London Bridge attacks in 2018. That is unfortunately a result of living in a Western society in the 21st Century and is not unique to the UK.
Take Camden for instance – lots of night life and things happening, no need to feel unsafe; but there will be plenty of dodgy people around at night who will offer you drugs etc. The quality of said drugs would likely be awful (scammed) or, worst case scenario, you could be led down a dark alley and mugged at knife point. Trust me, this story plays out in every country on earth and its down to the individual tourist to not be a mug. I wouldn’t walk into Compton, LA, in the middle of the night and start asking around for drugs because I’m not an idiot.
That’s not to say that British people can’t be some of the rudest people in the world, just that they won’t be beating you up any time soon (unless you went looking for it) and certainly not over a football shirt!
I doubt there is a country anywhere in the world that is 100% free of any risk, including those on the “safest places” list. I now live in Greater Manchester and was brought up in South East London, so not some comfortable rural retreats. If you are not mixed up in the drug culture, and stay out of rough looking pubs in deprived areas it is unlikely you will see or experience any trouble. As for football shirts, again stay out of the rough looking pubs (anyway) and you’ll be fine. I’m often in pubs with rival supporters watching a game – bit of banter, no trouble at all. Yes, there have been terrorist incidents but the chances of being caught up in one are next to zero, they just make very big headlines when they happen.
Why you go anywhere but gloriois motherland
Stabbing epidemic, lots of teenagers gangs targeting indiscrimately not just between themselves.
Many immigrants who are not willing to integrate and are causing trouble, police totally unprepared for these people. Right of self defense and acces to weapons for law abiding citizens are nonexistent.
Streets in the city after dark are full of drunks, druggies, homeless and teen gangs looking for trouble.
The score of 77 on this site should be much lower. I was attacked 3 times in 6 months without any reason.
Maybe you should live in a country where you can by a sub machine gun as a ‘law abiding citizen’ and then you and all who meet you would be safe😳
Even where I am in Devon people have started be attacked more and more
I’ve lived in the United States for 44 years and I’ve never been the victim of any violent crime. I’ve had my car broken into twice. I live in a capital city and I grew up in a densely populated city in Florida. This person was attacked 3 times in six months. Guns may be legal here but it’s extremely safe in almost all areas..those with strict gun laws have higher crime. The only ones who obey the gun laws are law abiding citizens.
London is safe but its a huge city, the main risk is drunken youths getting into fights outside bars. But that doesn’t happen that often. I have seen muggings but it been people flashing phones about on the streets at night in shady areas. Very safe during the day. More northern Towns again the main risk is fights on a weekend night after the pubs close. So just avoid the busy drunken areas at 1am. The countryside is very safe, small welsh towns for example are very friendly and people like to talk to you and help you out. Never had any pickpocketing issues bu be careful on the tube trains in London when its busy. Like I say main issues are drunks walking home at 1am.
You will not find the “green planes of Ireland” in the uk!!
Certainly wont as Ireland isnt part of the UK
But Ireland is in the uk
Ireland is part of the UK.
The UK is NOT part of Europe!
Yes it is…
It is! If you don’t want it to be move it as far as Greenland from Europe. Alternatively accept the idea it is part of Europe
So did the British pick it up and move it out of Europe? No they didn’t so stop being dumber then a lemming with a head injury.
Absolute idiot. Read a book for God’s sake and the sake of your fellow humans.
Education is not your enemy.
The UK and REPUBLIC OF IRELAND (there’s a big difference so stop being ignorant) are part of Europe, you are European get the f**k over it.
Who writes these things? In an article about the UK the first recommendation is the “green planes (sic) of Ireland”! Maybe they’re talking about Aer Lingus…still, nothing to do with the UK!
Is this website owned by an English racist?
very safe where I live in England
The UK is perfectly safe by modern standards knife crime although it does exist is not comon it is on the rise but only by UK standards London is far safer than somewhere like la just use common sense pickpockets do exist although that is going down due to contactless payments as for terrorist attacks they get headlines but are very rare we have a generally effective police force and anty terror squad organised crime does exist but is not visible unless you look for it in most of the UK and even in some red light districts crime is only really noticeable at night as for the contry side it is perfectly safe if you don’t go looking for trouble just like anywhere else very picturesque in most small towns the English countryside is veread while Scotland is mainly mountains which are stunning
I’ve lived in the UK my entire life, I’ve experienced crime every Friday night. There are many parts of the UK very unsafe in terms of house robberies and muggings.
In Taiwan I can walk around at any time of night carrying expensive camera gear without any worries. Even your score says most of the risks are “low” in Taiwan. Even a child can walk around at night on there own without much risk.
There is no way UK is safer than Taiwan, there is very little crime over there.
i live here, good places, bad weather but beware of roadmen
i hate england
Why have you been here? Lived here?
Please explain!
Its not perfect, far from it and so much does need to change but it pisses me off when anyone slags off a country and probably knows *** all about it!
UK with its rising knife crime is as dangerous as hell
You can get stabbed by someone (usually youngsters) for no appropriate reason
stick your head around the back of a horse and see if something gets kicked back into place
I have lived in the UK for 57 years and have visited over 46 other countries in all continents. I have also travelled right across England. There is gun crime, knife crime, scammers and all that stuff in every country, even terrorism but I have encountered almost none here and if anyone is ‘scared’ to visit then please simply stay in your own home wherever you live because I can assure you that visiting the UK is likely to be far safer than where you come from. The odds of encountering any type of violence, terrorism or football hooliganism is not even worth a mention it is so unlikely. That is unless you visit a back alley in a dirty part of any city late at night, but who really does that??? It will be the same where you come from but, even then, the risk may be low. Just go to the west country or the midlands and if you don’t fall in love with the countryside and want to move the the UK then I would be surprised. Yes, it does rain a bit but you get the odd day in the summer but mostly it can be quite hot. The British summers are some of the best because they are not too hot or cold. Lastly, visit before you become a critic.
There is risk in any country you visit. Just use common sense and be aware. Simple. England is like anywhere, good people/ bad people. Use your judgement. Visit us, you’re welcome.
Born in,Handsworth, Birmingham my parents both skilled workers,dad tool maker,mom jewelry maker,left Birmingham after my brother was born due to the unwanted increase in immigrants turned a nice and relatively safe area of ‘Brum’ into a s******e.I have lived in Germany, Austria, beautiful countries back in the day and in the UK, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Devonshire, Staffordshire and now in Shropshire, this green and pleasant land is unfortunately becoming an increasingly dangerous place,what ever nonsense the ruling elite spout we have been and are still being covertly invaded by foreigners many of whom have no love for the country or the indigenous peoples eg White British,their disgusting habits, attitudes and behaviour are sickening,call me a racist a bigot or xenophobia I couldn’t give a shit, we have enough of our own home grown idiots we don’t need to important more from overseas,I’ve seen enough to know that as a nation we are f****d.😔
He is right
100% correct. Your politicians should be tried for treason.
Uk is very safe
People are acting as if terrorism and acid attacks are happening every single day in front of your house.
And if it’s about the UK, not London, the UK is very safe, I’ve lived here for 20+ years, and it’s completely safe.
The UK is not safe due to COVID-19, terrorist attacks and nukes.
I’m born and bred in the UK…England, I live where my name suggests, Is England safe? how much is a piece of wood? How long is a piece of string?
Go into any pub in England and you can have a good time or maybe witness something you’d rather not, A walk down the street can be a nice experience or just as easy not, Be aware of your surroundings, Make sure all your valuables are kept close to you and not in full view, There are some poor areas of the UK, These are the places to steer clear of, There are some very affluent areas of the UK, The ones where the rich and famous live as safe as you’d hope.
London is the big attraction, As it’s our Capitol and full and I mean full of history, From Boudica’s revolt against the Romans, William the Conquerer, The plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament(Guy Fawkes)The Great Fire of London, Jack the Ripper and more much much more, You’ll experience our different accents from Newcastle in the North to Cornwall in the South, Birmingham in the Midlands to Liverpool and Manchester in the West, Lincoln to Norwich in the East, Listen and listen carefully there’s words that will confuse you, Never jump the queue, Wait your turn or things can turn ugly for you, Manners are important if you say please and thankyou it’ll get you far.
Enjoy your time in England…It’s a Great Country
The UK is a sad declining country and I wouldn’t recommend anyone visit unless you visit possibly Edinburgh or northern areas of Scotland. As a regular traveller it is one of the most depressing places in Europe to visit that also has a major issue with discrimination against people from other parts of the world. You would be far better looking elsewhere for a visit..

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