Savannah Guthrie Tests Positive for COVID-19 During Live TODAY Broadcast – TODAY

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Savannah Guthrie tested positive for COVID-19 on Feb. 28, prompting her to leave TODAY during the morning broadcast.
Savannah did not appear on TODAY after 7:30 a.m. ET following her positive test.
Sheinelle Jones gave an update to viewers at the end of the show’s 8 o’clock hour.
“By the way, it has been an interesting morning for us. As we said, Savannah left early, she wasn’t feeling great, so she took a COVID test,” Sheinelle said.
“It came back positive. So, as soon as we found out, she rushed home to rest up. So Savannah, we love you, wishing you a speedy recovery.”
The TODAY co-anchor previously tested positive for COVID in May 2022, resulting in her staying at home for five days to isolate. That was her second positive COVID test of the year.
She called into TODAY from home at the time, saying she “just had a little cold.” Savannah said she used the opportunity to get some sleep, do some reading, watch some TV and get some cleaning and “organization projects” done.
Savannah, who is vaccinated against the virus and received a booster shot, first tested positive for COVID in January 2022.
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