WordPress Database Backup, Cleanup & Optimize Plugin

Ultimate DB Manager

Create database backup on single click, allows you to clean database
optimize database, make these jobs schedule running hourly, daily and weekly.

Features of Ultimate DB Manager

Get Overview

Help you get an overview of what is happening in your database. It will report all unused/orphaned items that should be cleaned, it will give you the number of tables/options/tasks you have, etc. so that you can control your database if anything goes wrong

Save Time

You can specify what items should be cleaned/optimized/repaired, what is the number of days’ data to keep and the cleanup/optimization/reparation frequency. The plugin will then automate the process to run automatically based on your settings.

Save Space

By deleting unused/orphaned items, you will save space in your database and make quicker backups since the file of your backup will be smaller.

Ready to setup your backup?