I’m a fashion fan and there’s a reason the seams on your jeans twist – and no, it’s nothing to do with havi… – The US Sun

HAVE you ever bought a pair of jeans and noticed the seam was twisting around your legs?
Particularly around your calves?
Well if you have ever had this and thought it was because you have larger or longer legs your mistaken.
There’s a reason this happens and it's not you.
Ryan runs a lifestyle account online, he shares home hacks and lifestyle videos.
In a recent video Ryan explained exactly why your jean seams keep twisting.
He said: "I learned this in a fashion design or merchandising class back in I want to say 2010 something like that when I was an undergrad.”
Ryan said the reason this was happening is the fault of the merchandiser.
He said: “The reason this is happening is because the fabric is actually cut incorrectly.” 
He explained: “So it’s not sitting correctly with the grain of the fabric and because of that it shifts and pulls the seam around.”

Ryan said that seams twisting was an indication that the garment was of poor quality.
He said: “It happens with a lot of pants. It is usually poor quality pants so another reason to not buy cheap jeans.” 
Ryan said: “This can also happen with other items of clothing.”
It’s important to bear in mind a hefty price doesn't always equal good quality.
Ryan said in a follow up video: “Just because something is a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s high quality.”
Ryan’s video went viral with 1.2 million views.
Viewers were shocked that it was the merchandisers who were at fault.
One commenter said: “I thought something was wrong with my legs.”
Another commenter said: “I love how many people are educating me on this!! Now I need some recommendations on jeans that WON’T do this!”
Some viewers called out brands saying their jeans did this even after spending a lot of money on them.
One commenter said: “Me with my 200 dollar jeans that do this and drive me crazy”
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