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The government introduced legislation undermining the rights to protest, vote, and seek asylum while limiting judicial and parliamentary oversight of executive decisions. The government cut social security support despite clear warnings it would increase food insecurity, debt, and homelessness. New domestic violence legislation lacks adequate protections for migrant women and girls and support for Black, Asian and other minoritized survivors. The UK government’s ambition of promoting human rights and the rule of law globally is undermined by its domestic record and at times side-lined by other interests, including trade and migration control. Ongoing fossil fuel subsidies and coal mining permits contradict UK government efforts to rally international support for climate action.
March 8, 2023
March 8, 2023
February 27, 2023
UK and US Forced Displacement of the Chagossians and Ongoing Colonial Crimes
Families in Temporary Accommodation in London, UK
International Alternatives to Detaining Immigrants
How the Tech-Driven Overhaul of the UK’s Social Security System Worsens Poverty
Government Shouldn’t Ban Asylum for Channel-Crossers
UN Expert Committee to Hear from Civil Society Groups; Refine Questions for Authorities
March 6, 2023
UK Court Ruling a Step in the Right Direction
Expulsion of Chagos Islands’ Indigenous People an Ongoing Colonial Crime
How Building a US Military Base Resulted in Crimes Against Humanity
Court Session to Rule on Renewed Arms Sales Despite Laws of War Violations in Yemen
72nd Pre-Session
United Kingdom
Mar 15, 2023
The Dangers of Reducing Humans to Data; Good News Update: Australia; Poland’s All-out Assault on Women’s Rights; Take Note: Other Key Stories; Listen: Iraq 20 Years On; Quote of the Day: Poland.
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